I’m back & no longer a slave to fear
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I’m back & no longer a slave to fear

Hello everyone.

I was afraid of doing this wrong and being seen as horrifically incompetent. Several years ago, I started this blog and it went by the wayside. I believed that I had to do everything just right, perfect actually. I thought that everything had to look the absolute best, that I could only post the best content and that I had to look like I had absolutely everything figured out. I was wrong on all accounts. 

Now I am writing knowing that I am content with doing it wrong. The freedom to do it wrong is how I am writing this blog to begin with. 

That is also why RECLAIMD didn’t get the attention it deserved, or my writing in general for that matter. 

I was afraid of doing it wrong. 

I thought that if I messed up in writing style, voice or even the manner of content that I would be judged for it. Judged because maybe there were too many typos, or the content lagged, or maybe my voice was off. I was afraid of putting something out there that would expose me as fake or a fraud. I was reigning myself in, and the content I was capable of putting out here because of what random people could have potentially thought. 

I have grown a lot since then. I have grown a lot in this regard over the last month actually. 

I realized that it’s okay if I mess some things up, or don’t know exactly what to say, or the best way to write it out. 

I have learned to allow myself to write purely, even at the risk of being wrong or perceived a way I didn’t intend and I don’t owe apologies or explanations to people, because I can assure you they won’t offer them back to you or me. 

I am a Christian, a son of the Living God. By not writing and teaching, I was keeping bottled up what I believe He has placed in me. 

So I will write more. 

I will write on spiritual growth, spiritual identity and walking alongside God, Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit. I will step into my role as a teacher in helping born-again believers to walk in a lifestyle of wholeness, righteousness and void of the sin-conscious that the blood of Jesus delivers us from. 

I will also right on other topics that I love and or find interesting. 

I look forward to writing more and helping others grow in their walk with Father God, YHVH, the God of Israel and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I am back.

Love you all,

Anthony Colson

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